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Time to dust off the running shoes, pack the swimming gear together and get on that indoor bike! I just completed the registration for the Iron Man 70.3 in August in Vichy, France. And frankly, I am terrified. Even though this is known as only a “half” Iron Man it still entails 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of riding and running a half marathon afterwards. The running part doesn’t faze me, I know I can do that after running a marathon two years ago. And the swimming part I will manage too. But the riding really scares me: 90 kilometers on a bike, I have to admit I find cycling extremely boring and tedious, being used to cycling as a form of transport, not as a sport. And apart from the cycle itself, I will need to do all those things after each other: swim, bike, run!  Yes, absolutely terrifying and just what I need to get into action and get challenged!


The training program is going to be a little challenging. Ideally, 2 disciplines are combined in one workout so the training becomes quite time-intensive. I am currently on around 6 to 8 workouts a week, which will have to increase to 12 to 14 workouts a week to pack on the miles and get proper racing fit. Between the job, the travel and the kid, that will probably mean my sleep might suffer a bit…


The leaner you are for an Iron Man, the better your results are likely to be. So, next to the training, nutrition is going to be extremely important. Fuelling all my workouts in a healthy way will be an interesting challenge: replenishing glycogen and managing energy levels while on the go between work, workouts, training and looking after our little bundle of energy. I burn between 600 and 700 kcals an hour working out and am already looking forward to getting stuck in some high energy recipes for healthy nutritious replenishment!


Happy eating and training!



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