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After signing a waiver for the health risks associated with the participation in an Iron Man event,  I got to thinking about my emergency contacts. I actually do not know any phone numbers by heart anymore, not even my husband´s. And I am sure many people are the same after saving everything in our phones these days..

A few people have been telling me recently that something happened to a loved one and they weren´t contacted because the carers couldn’t find the numbers to contact and/or the injured person couldn’t remember the contact number. This is quite a scary thought!

Not only will I be partaking in the Iron Man 70.3 event alone, I am out by myself a lot before that too. In training, I cycle to and from work alone, and I run in the forest or in the darkness before dawn alone. And even though I sincerely hope it doesn´t, should something happen to me, I really would like my husband to be contacted.

So I thought it was about time to ensure I carried my emergency contacts with me and got some personalised silicone armbands made. My hubby was keen too so we both got “ICE” (in case of emergency) armbands personalised with each others names and numbers from MyNameBand. They are durable, weatherproof and ensure we both get contacted should something happen, making me feel a little more secure about my training and my upcoming Iron Man race.

Happy training!

MyNameBand I Finn´s Foods
MyNameBand I Finn´s Foods


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