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I am a big fan of activity trackers and smart watches that tell you about your activity during the day and your sleep quality at night. Awareness is the first step in taking measures for health improvement and to start breaking habits. A great help for everyone and especially for those of us with sedentary office jobs.

As I was training for the Berlin marathon in 2013, I just used the Runtastic Pro App to monitor my training times, distances and progress. This worked really well but as I came off an intensive running training, and broadened into other sports and activities, the Runtastic Pro App did not suffice any longer and I decided to try an activity tracker instead.

The first activity tracker I tried was the UP24. I loved its sleek design, the fact that it intuitively knew when I was exercising or sleeping and the excellent user interface through the App. Also, the UP24 has an integrated smart alarm, which is set to wake you up in light sleep cycles only by gently vibrating on your wrist. I loved waking up with this without having to bother my husband with a noisy alarm clock. Unfortunately, the UP24 broke down twice in a short space of time and after Jawbone stopped making them, they replaced mine with an UP2. And thus ended my love for UP. The UP2 wasn’t accurately monitoring activity, it gave me a rash and the clasp became undone so frequently that sleep measurements were also impossible. The Jawbone customer support team’s only response to my complaints was that they would use my input to improve algorithms.

Therefore, as my exercise routines had also evolved with more variety,  I switched to the adidas FitSmart. Designed to look like a sleek sports watch, it is really great for everyday wear. The FitSmart monitors steps, activities, and heart rate as well as calories burnt. I love that it can monitor a wide variety of activities such as riding, running and swimming, that it is designed for sports and that the watch and App are easy to use. I do, however, find the user interface not as well designed as the UP App and do miss the sleep monitoring and alarm function.

Overall, to enhance my training as I get closer and closer to the Iron Man 70.3 in August, I think I will have to try and find a more comprehensive activity monitor that also has a build in sleep tracker with alarm function whilst retaining the excellent activity monitoring that the adidas FitSmart has.

Thoughts anyone? Which activity trackers do you love?

adidas FitSmart I Finn´s Foods
adidas FitSmart I Finn´s Foods
UP2 I Finn´s Foods
UP2 I Finn´s Foods

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