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So, I have been a little busy and haven’t got a recipe to share this week. Apologies. In the precious free time available, I was focussing on making a birthday cake for our little dude.

Our little punk turns two today. Our crazy, stubborn little guy, obsessed with fish, tiny creepy crawlies, raisins, bikes and ice cream turns two!

Yes, the cliches are all true. Time flies. In the blink of an eye. Etc etc. But I have got to be honest, I love this stage where you can really see his personality develop. It is cool, challenging and fun at the same time. He refuses to leave the house if not kitted out in some garment with a fish on it, is convinced that shorts are incomplete pants and only eats at home when his good friend “bear” can join us at the table. Our little dude is an extremely social, flexible and adaptable global citizen who takes changes in his stride and of whom I am extremely proud.

I haven’t been able to spend much time with him in the last month though and mostly saw him through photographs and FaceTime. On top of that, his flexibility and adaptation skills will be severely tested in the months to come too. So, for his very special birthday, my hubby and I combined efforts and made him a cool “fish cake”. I am quite happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to see his reaction later when we celebrate with him.

Finn´s Foods will feature some healthy alternatives again next week 🙂

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy!


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