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Let me come straight out with it: Last week, I started Kayla Itsines’ BBG program. My body is not where I want it to be at the moment and I have decided to change that starting immediately.

This is a little bit of a new territory for me. I have always been very active and enjoy a wide variety of sports. In my late teens and early twenties I played basketball on a high level and trained some 6 to 8 times a week. I was really fit and trim. Fast forward to the present after one pregnancy and with actual full time working hours instead of the flexible school and student life. Being extremely time poor, traveling a lot, having a desk job and often being housebound in the evenings to look after our 2-year-old when the hubby is travelling, definitely has hampered my approach to exercising. I do not participate in team sports anymore as I just can’t contribute to a team regularly enough. I have resorted mostly to running, which is a great and efficient workout that you can do almost anywhere and any time (save for those winter months in southern Germany where it was minus 20 and you just couldn’t go outside and do that to your lungs). And running helps me balance my emotions and straighten my thoughts, I need it to clear my mind of the accumulated clutter and be a nice wife, mum and colleague. So now, when I do have time, I tend to go for a long run, not necessarily adding to my strength and overall fitness.

The first step in changing something is acknowledging there is a need to change. Although I have a relatively good level of fitness, I am not feeling fit and I am definitely not strong. Thus, I was searching for a program that would help me reach a new level of fitness without being patronizing and would still allow me enough flexibility to do the activities I enjoy too. I evaluated quite a few options and realized the following:

1. I know what to eat and would like to continue eating the way I believe suits me: I described my “rules” for healthy eating here.

2. My workout routine is what I would like to focus on, looking to develop strength and fitness in the realm of my time and place restrictions.

3. I like the inspiration that comes from seeing other people’s results on a similar program but I am not very keen on having an actual coach. I believe that being accountable to myself is enough for me.

Once I saw the Sweat with Kayla program called BBG (bikini body guide) designed by Kayla Itsines, and read about her philosophy of helping women create bodies that they feel confident in, I was really excited. It isn’t about being skinny or losing weight like many programs out there but about getting strong and confident. I started following her on Instagram and was also inspired by the postnatal progress of the beautiful lady on the Things in Your 30’s Blog.

The program centers around intensive 28 minute resistance workouts, coupled with cardio and HIIT training and stretching. This means plenty variety but also allows me to combine it with running or cycling for the cardio sessions and means I can still build up the stamina and strength for a triathlon in 2017!

So, week 1 of the BBG program has been intense and challenging. It is tough and hard. On some days, I am getting up in the dark to complete the workouts before the rest of the house wakes up, getting my HIIT and cardio sessions done in the evening after work. Completing a session is so satisfying though and waking up with aching muscles after an intense resistance workout has been too long ago for me. I am also noticing that paying attention to my workouts automatically leads to making better food choices too. My abs were still sore 3 days after completing my first workout and I love the stretching and rolling to recover. The program creates a great structure around the workouts and the community behind it on social media is incredibly motivating. To be continued over the coming weeks and months…!

Anyone out there that wants to join me? I am pretty sure that having a buddy for motivation will come in handy as the weeks progress and the seasons change. I will keep at it and keep you posted.

Be well and be fit!



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