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Autumn is very much the start of soup season for me. In our family we all love soups. You can make endless variations and you get an amazing amount of veggies whilst having a warning and filling meal.

This pumpkin soup is entirely in keeping with the season. It has a very few ingredients, is easy to make and has a beautiful vibrant color. Served with some breadsticks, creme fraiche and toasted seeds, it truly is a feast.

Makes 6 large bowls


8 dl stock (I use chicken stock but for a vegan option replace with a vegan friendly stock)

1 large Hokkaido pumpkin (about 1.5 kg)

2 tbsp ginger, grated

1 tsp smokey bbq seasoning

Creme fraiche to taste

Toasted pumpkin seeds to taste


1. The biggest challenge in this recipe is to peel the pumpkin and cut it up in cubes. I use a sharp knife to peel off the skin and a spoon to scoop out the inside. Then a big knife is needed to cube the pumpkin.

2. Once the pumpkin is prepared, heat a little olive oil in a large pot. Soften the ginger with the spices in the olive oil for a few minutes.

3. Add the cubed pumpkin and the stock.

4. Simmer the pumpkin for about 30 minutes, until soft and tender.

5. Puree the mixture in batches until it has a smooth consistency.

6. Serve in bowls topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and a tbsp of creme friache.

7. If you fancy some food prepping, this soup is perfect for storing in portions in the freezer too. Might come in handy on a cold night after a workout or a long work day…



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