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This past week I completed BBG week 7. Time for a short update. In summary: I am loving the structure and challenge of the program and find it relatively easy to adhere to and schedule the workouts. My body though, feels like it is come through a heavy spin cycle of an old and rusty washing machine. I am so sore, so often!

Thanks goodness that a major stretching and rolling session is one of the workouts of the BBG programme. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to that evening when I get to roll out my muscles and intimately acquaint body parts of which I wasnt even aware they contained muscles with my new dear friend: the foam roller.

The resistance workouts are the absolute killers. Afterwards, I feel amazing, accomplished and ready for anything, but in the middle of circuit 2, I am glad I am alone in my workout room so that I can swear freely. Burpees still provoke the most swearing. I don’t know what it is but it takes me ages to complete 15 burpees and it does not get any easier, even though I know I am getting stronger. They are so bloody exhausting and tiring. The resistance sessions are also the workouts that cause sore muscles for days and in places that make me honestly want to go back to school and study anatomy more closely out of pure wonder.

My favourite workout is still running and for most of the LISS sessions, I actually do run. Running is my equalizer and form of meditation and I am really pleased that the combination of exercises works so well.

BBG week 6 was spent on holidays in France. It was fabulous to not have to get up before 6 am to complete workouts before the day starts to fit it all in and for the first time since starting BBG I managed to complete all weekly workouts without being interrupted by a 2 year old shouting “me too, me too” (thanks hubby). Being away from all my equipment was a bit challenging but I had my skipping rope and foam roller with me and for weights, I used large water bottles. Also, I found some lovely French park benches to help with step ups and leg lifts.

So, no excuses and that is why I have completed all my workouts so far. I can definitely see more definition in terms of the muscle structure in my arms, stomach and legs and am feeling a lot stronger and more energetic. This snowballs so that I am more inclined to taking the stairs at work (my floor is the 18th of the building) and go for walks more often as well as choosing more smartly for breakfast and lunch.

Looking forward to the next 7 weeks 🙂 Bring it on Kayla.

Be well and be fit,



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