Healthy whole foods


Traveling when on a nutrition and exercise schedule is definitely a bit more challenging. But determination does a lot of things and making smart choices can definitely help stay on the right path.

We travel happily. And often. I travel frequently for work and we truly try and maximise our family vacation time too of course. As far as I am concerned there are three main challenges when traveling:

(1) Snacking on the go

On the road and on airplanes, I tended to make the not-so-healthy choices due to hunger, tiredness and very limited availabilty of truly healthy snacks. Snacks on the go are in my opinion one the biggest challenges when trying to eat healthily. . To prevent grumpiness while travelling, I have now taken to bringing snacks with me (something I honestly thought I would never ever do…). A bag of mixed dried fruits and nuts or some homemade energy balls go a long way towards preventing the temptation of crisps, biscuits and chocolates.

(2) Staying on track with exercising

Naturally, your habits change when you travel. There might not be that much time to exercise or it might be hard to fit in the workouts you are used to at home. Do not worry about it too much. Just get in what you can: go for a run when you get a chance, make time for that ab workout. And if the right equipment is not available, improvise or switch up the exercises. Do not fret too much if you cannot do the exact thing as you might have done at home, just get an alternative exercise done. And stay active during the day: walk everywhere, go for a swim if you are somewhere nice and warm or take a cycling tour. Do not forget to enjoy your surroundings and explore your new environs!

(3) Managing food choices

When on holidays, I definitely give myself a lot more leeway in the food department. At the end of the day, the experience is also important and sampling local food choices constitutes one of the main enjoyments when traveling for me.

I stay on the general path in eating how I normally would eat whilst leaving room to try new (an potentially not that healthy) dishes too. I always order salad as a starter or on the side, try and eat regional, healthy proteins and try and eat (and drink!) slowly. I drink still water during the meal and mostly skip dessert altogether.

Here are some of my meals while traveling the last few months:

Whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the incredible experience of traveling a different area, state, country or continent than your own and ask the locals for advice on truly traditional foods.

Happy holidays!


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