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Does anyone else agree that working out in the summer is so much easier than working out in the winter? The sheer amount of gear you have to put on in order to go outside is already a first hurdle. And there is no light whatsoever before about 9 am! The struggle of runners and early risers in Europe is real at this time of the year…

My favourite workout routine consists of getting up, getting dressed in clothes I put out the night before, and having a fresh cup of coffee while setting up my phone before heading out.

If it is a resistance day, I head to our garden shed / garage, where all my workout stuff is stored. This room is not heated so I get my sweat on as soon as I can as to not lose momentum (and fight the will to crawl back into bed next to my warm, sleeping hubby). The metal of the barbell, kettle bells and hand weights is so cold it hurts to touch them. Luckily, after a few squats with the barbell, the area of focus for discomfort soon changes to my upper legs and glutes… I look out of the window onto my neighbouring houses, which are all still dark and where everyone is probably still hibernating and feel a small sense of pride to be out there, getting my sweat on. Working out in the freezing cold darkness is not the most pleasant way to get it done but it is so satisfying after.

Now, when it is a LISS day, my favourite is to go for a run. We love  in a city, close to the beach and if I have a choice, I choose running in the dunes every time. But that area is a national park and not lighted so out of the question in the dark. Luckily, I found a nice round around the towns that is comfortable in the early mornings. I wear high vis bands so that cars and cyclists see me and I set out whilst listening to the news. I really experience this as quality “me time”, time to reset, catch up on the news, think about ideas and goals for the future and enjoy the moment and I love it.

On one of my recent runs, I was reflecting on the last years we spent living in Germany. I was always a little hesitant there to run in the early mornings before sunrise as there were always quite a few, not so sober, wandering people out on the streets that I did not feel too comfortable about. I am not sure why it seems to be different in the Netherlands: it might be area related, it might be policy related or it might be country specific? But one thing I know: as I run there through the park or town and the first light starts coming through on the horizon, I am listening to the news and enjoying my quality me time: I absolutely love every minute of it and I am glad I persisted in getting out of bed and into my winter gear. Not to mention the prospect of the hot shower that awaits me after. And yet, I will be so glad when the summer season is here and running in the sunny brightness is on the agenda again to make it all that much easier…

Happy running!


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