Healthy whole foods


This extremely lucky girl is on holidays escaping the European winter wonderland and getting some sunny exercise sessions in. I am so grateful that my soulmate hails from the Southern Hemisphere, giving us a great reason to escape winter and enjoy the summer in both of our worlds. On holidays, I tend to minimise cooking and really go back to the basics. There are plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy and I adore the fresh proteins this land has to offer: fantastic meat and beautiful fresh seafood.

My breakfast is a tropicalized version of what I have at home and normally consists of papaya or mango with some Greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds. For lunch and dinner, I try to eat veggies that are in season with some quinoa, nuts and some lean protein or a slice of toast with avo and cottage cheese.

With so much sunshine, long days and plenty of babysitters for our little dude around, exercising is an absolute dream too. We swim a lot, go canooing, enjoy hikes and actually have the time to go for a run and get a few resistance sesssions in too.

Wishing you happy times from my sunny wonderland and I will post some more recipes again next week..

Mwah! 🙂



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