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“I couldn’t eat healthy like you, I love food too much”

Do you ever hear this? Maybe when you unpack the salad or dinner leftovers you brought into the office for lunch? Or when you have that energy ball with an apple for your mid morning snack? I honestly hate when people say this. It sits right on top of my list along with “I couldn’t get up and exercise in the morning before work, I am just not a morning person”.

Well, newsflash people! I also love food and sleep! You and I are not so different at all. Do I love lying in with my husband and kid? Sure. Do I jump out of bed each morning pumped to be going at it? Not always. Do I sometimes feel like ordering the fries in the office canteen instead of eating my homemade salad for lunch? Sure thing. Living healthily requires preparation, balance and discipline and that is where you and I are different.

It takes consistent effort to be healthy. You make eating well and moving regularly part of your habits and lifestyle and it will reward you with feeling good and being in a constant state of good health. And that differs strongly from the good feeling you might get from the instant gratification that is fast food and lying in bed.

So please stop using excuses. Going out to eat with your colleagues might require a little rethink. But a few hours after lunch you will be happy you managed to resist the fried chicken and had the vegetable and rice bowl instead. This is not to be confused with loving food. Eating processed and fatty food does not mean you “love food”.  It means being consistent with your choices and you will be rewarded for it, maybe even by feeling more energized so that you can get out of bed for a run in the morning…!

Should you indulgence in that ice cream or have that piece of cake to celebrate your husbands birthday? Absolutely. Just remember loving food is about enjoying your food and being mindful about it.

So please stop saying you can’t be healthy because you love food too much. Make a choice and stick to it. And if you don’t have the discipline to stick with healthy choices, then admit to wanting to eat whatever you choose. Please stop hiding behind excuses and stand up for the choices you make. Please stop projecting your choices onto me. You are in control. Please start now!

Be well and be healthy.


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