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All the Minions for my 3 year old´s birthday

This past weekend, our not so small little Punk turned 3. He had been talking about his birthday for weeks and was adamant for the theme to be the Minions. And it was most important that this extended to both his birthday cakes as well as to the treats he was to take to daycare for his friends. 

Thank goodness for Pinterest and the amazing moms out there who bake up a storm and then write in detail about it on their blogs. After doing my due diligence, I found the inspiration for a nice cake to make for our Punk and some cupcakes he could take to school and I ordered all the necessary supplies.

So, for his birthday, we had a chocolate cake, covered with buttercream frosting and m&m´s and Kitkat sticks, with Minions trying to plot their escape off of it:

Minions birthday cake I Finns Foods

For the daycare sharing, we baked cupcakes and with the help of white and yellow frosting, black food colouring, various improvised cutting rings and a pen with edible ink we managed to produce some moody Minion cupcakes. Eternally grateful to the creativity of my hubby and our great teamwork in the kitchen!

Minions cupcakes I Finns Foods

Naturally, with that crazy amount of sugar in our systems, we spend the rest of the weekend burning off our energy on the beach. The Punk rolled off dunes and tried very hard to get multiple outfits wet, the hubby surfed and I took part in my first running event in a while: a 17 km super fast trail run along the coast and through the dunes. What a glorious weekend! I am feeling well equipped to deal with the terrible threes now 🙂

Overcast day on the beach

Be well, be happy!


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