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On why BBG is not a winning program for me..

After 28 weeks of following the BBG program, I realized that that was it for me. I religiously followed all the workouts over the weeks. No lack of willpower for me, that´s not my style. I am an all in or all out kind of girl. But I got bored and my focus became unhealthy. Here’s why…

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“I couldn’t eat healthy like you, I love food too much”

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My love of all things wheat probably vouches for my sensitivity to gluten. Thus, one of the main challenges in eating well for me lies in cutting out processed flour products. A while ago, I actually did a detox/reset and cut out all gluten (and all processed foods and sugar) from my diet for about 2 weeks. The day I reintroduced gluten, I remember only too well..


Healthy whole foods


This extremely lucky girl is on holidays escaping the European winter wonderland and getting some sunny exercise sessions in. I am so grateful that my soulmate hails from the Southern Hemisphere, giving us a great reason to escape winter and enjoy the summer in both of our worlds. Continue reading “ENJOYING SUNSHINE AND TROPICAL FOODS”